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How Does a 4 Year Old “Shy” Kid Lead His Class In Front of a Huge Audience at the County Fair?

Nathanael started Little Guardians really young: just 3 years old!  At first, it was hard to get him through an entire class.  He was shy, and when he felt shy he got “playful.”  He’d fall down.  He’d be silly.  He would try to leave the training floor when he didn’t know what was going on.

With patience and enthusiasm, the instructors (with Mom’s support!) slowly drew him out.  He slowly started to learn.  As he grew more comfortable, he got “playful” less often and focused much better (but he was still a five year old… so we make allowances).  As he started to come into his own, he started leading in class.

Then came the big question: “Do you want to lead at the fair?”  At first, it was hard to tell if he was more excited or more afraid at the prospect!  But with Mom’s help practicing at home, he really stepped up his game and that stepped up his confidence.

Here he is leading at the San Diego Country Fair….!!!


“I get complimented on my leadership all the time.  I wanted to tell you that I mostly use what I learned at the dojo!” – Hannah, young adult church leader who earned her Junior Black Belt in 2003 along with her brother, Jameson.

“I don’t know who I’d be today if it weren’t for the lessons I learned at the Guardian Academy.” – Austin, presently in high school, musing about how often he relies upon the lessons he learned at the Guardian Academy.

“He got my kid to stand on a line!” – Dawn, who went on to have four sons earn Junior Black Belts while she earned her own Black Belt.

“I use the scripts at home all the time!” – Parent after parent after parent. (Yes, we get this a lot.  The “No Whining” shout-back is the single most used script we have!)

“When my child misbehaves, I just ask ‘Do we need to talk to Sensei?’ and he shapes right up.” – Diana, mother of one very active boy.

“My daughter is here right now.  Over the years, I’ve had all four of my children in the program.” – Robyn, mother of three boys and one girl.

“The wheel got caught and I flipped right over the handle bars.  I hit the ground with a perfect breakfall and got up and kept going!” – Aaron, after a scooter accident.

“Thank you for helping become the woman I am today.” – Alexis, years after her time in the Guardian Academy Children’s Program

“How do you get children to understand such complex concepts at such a young age?” – An Experienced Counselor after finding out from a student how much one of her young clients understood a lot about adult living.

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Honor!  Truth!  Obedience!  Responsibility! 

Helpfulness!  Hard Work!  Wisdom! 

Never Give Up!

You will note the words in the form he leads: Honor!  Truth!  Obedience!  Responsibility!  Helpfulness!  Hard Work!  Wisdom!  Never Give Up!

These are part of the actual form (preset sequence of moves).  EVERY time kids practice the form, the are expressing these ideas with power and energy!  With the punches, the kids include what they mean…

“Honor! Do the Right Thing!” 

“Truth! Always Tell The Truth!”

“Obedience!  Do What You’re Told!”

“Responsibility!  Do What You’re Supposed to Do Without Being Told!”

“Helpfulness!  Do Special Favors!”

“Hard Work!  Always Do Your Best!”

“Wisdom!  Think First!”

“Never Give Up!  Never, Ever, Ever Give Up!”

The Lessons REALLY Stick!

A family had their four girls in the class for less than a year… and YEARS later, the teenage girl ran into her old instructor and laughed that she STILL remembers Honor!  Truth!  Obedience!  Responsibility!  Helpfulness!  Hard Work!  Wisdom!  Never Give Up!  From all those years ago!

We imagine her parents are very happy for that, too!  You would be, right?

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Try Out Special

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