Middle School: Start in the Adult Program

The Junior Guardian Programs are intended for Elementary Age students.  If your son or daughter is in Middle School (or even 5th Grade!), we recommend you start in the adult program.

When You NEED to Know, You Need to ALREADY Know!

Black Belt By College… Start In Middle School

(or sooner, of course!)

Jimmy stopped the aggressive bully without anyone even realizing there was a fight.  If you want your child to be able to protect himself in college without getting expelled, this is a critical skill!

Robbie was in school when a bully literally jumped on his back and tried to choke him!  He was able to protect himself without anyone getting hurt any more seriously than a solid thump on the ground – and the “fight” was over.  Again, skills you want to have so you can be safe AND stay in school!

Myrna was a college student when she stopped an angry maniac from kicking in the head of a homeless man.  Debora was on her way to teach a bunch of Girl Scouts when some gang of guys tried to drag her into a van.  Scott was handing out flyers near Grossmont College when he got attacked. 

Violent “Pop Quizzes” Can Happen to Any One at Any Time

We call these events “Pop Quizzes.”  You never know when they will happen.  You never know for sure what you need to know to “pass.”  If Jimmy or Robbie had just cut loose with their highest level of skill, they would definitely have been suspended, probably expelled. 

If Myrna didn’t have the skill, Lord only knows what would have happened to that man being beaten up in a school parking lot!!!  If Debora wasn’t ready when she was attacked, then she would have been as the mercy of God-knows-who.

It Takes Four to Six Years to Earn Black Belt

This takes a little advanced planning.  If it takes four to six years to earn a Black Belt, and my child will be off in college at 18, then I need to enroll my child by age 14, preferably by age 12.

Katrina was a Second Degree Black Belt in Karate before she started college.  The last time she was in touch, she said thank you for teaching her Falls and Rolls.  She had decided to try a totally new sport that involved a lot of falling, and she was SO grateful she knew how to fall without injury!  No violent attacks in her life… and no fear of one even if it should happen!

Austin earned a Double Black Belt while still in High School, and he should be starting college with a Double Second Degree Black Belt just by continuing on the course he’s already on!  It was late at night and his young lady friend was going to walk home from an event.  He escorted her, and even his own mother was confident that if anything happened, her son could easily protect them both!

To get those Second Degree Black Belts, they needed to start Guardian Karate between the ages of 10 and 12.  If you start at age 10, there is even time to earn a Third Degree Black Belt by age 18!

What do these degrees mean?  It takes about two years to get introduced to all the material.  Another two or four years lands you at Black Belt with all the basics working for you.  On the path to the next level, you get a lot more details – not quite “secret” stuff that no one ever told you, but power-doubling stuff that goes on top of what you already know.  But until you know the foundation, you can’t stack details on top of it!

Third Degree Black Belt is huge.  Imagine this: You child not only a Black Belt, but also qualified to teach her own students and promote THEM to Black Belt!  That may not be anything she would want to do, but think about what that means about what she KNOWS!

They Said It Wouldn’t Work, It COULDN’T Work…

Yet It Worked 28 Times In a Row

There is an old Chinese proverb: “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”

Master Scot Conway is on the absolute Leading Edge of Martial Arts innovation.  Armed with a Ph.D. in Physical Education and a leading mind in the martial arts, he developed an entirely new system of training people for real self defense.

On one hand, it’s brand new.  On another, it’s ancient.  What Conway did was skip backwards in time to the ancient techniques that used to work in Ancient Japan and Ancient China and blend their training with the most modern insights into physiology, psychology, and the realities of modern self defense.  By weaving together the principles of two completely different eras, he developed a way to teach really effective self-defense without all that hard-core stuff.

What’s really funny about the modern hard-core movement is that the whole martial arts community JUST left it!  Now a chunk of it is trying to revive it!  Admittedly, the younger instructors probably don’t remember or don’t know why SO many of the older masters stopped teaching the old way… They realized they were getting people hurt, damaging their bodies long term, and chasing away a ton of people that would have benefited greatly from training!  In the really old traditions, Masters continue to train into their 60s, 70s and 80s and beyond!  In the 20th Century Traditions, there was such a reliance on brutal conditioning that martial artists were considered “too old to train” in their 30s and 40s!

And women, by and large, were not interested in getting beat up.  If you are, there are plenty of options.  If you’re one of those people, man or woman, who doesn’t want to get beat up and doesn’t want to get hurt to train, ironically enough, to not get hurt – then you need something else.

Super Effective Martial Arts with Safe and Sane Training

Prepares You for Real Life and the Real Fight

And No One Has to Get Hurt!

Why would anyone train in martial arts?  To get in shape… to learn some ancient martial arts wisdom… but mostly To Protect Themselves!  I mean, if your ONLY goal was to get in shape, you have plenty of options.  The reason you would choose martial arts is because you want the martial art as part of your getting in shape!

So why do so many people risk getting beat up and hurt MORE training to protect themselves than they are likely to get hurt by an actual criminal?  Part of it is “worst case scenario training.”  Many martial arts instructor talk about “when you’re life is on the line…” as though every criminal assault is an attempted murder!  They say things like “It’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6” as though those are the only two choices!

MOST “self-defense” is NOT against murder and rape. Most of it is against assault.  You know… bullies, thugs, tough jerks looking to prove they aren’t as weak as they feel inside.  If you cut loose on them and pound them into the ground until there’s nothing left but a heap of bloody meat… you go to jail!

That’s why the Guardian Martial Arts have techniques for every level of force!  There is a stair-step escalation that happens in a lot of fights, so you learn how to “block the stairs.”  You learn a simple defense anyone can do with just one class!  Sure, you learn the high-end stuff, but you learn all the real-world stuff that will deal with bullying violent jerks that are NOT cold-blooded killers – AND you learn what to do about the truly heartless, too.

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Try Out Special

6 Weeks, $69

Try Out Special

6 Weeks, $69

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