Ask God for Guidance.

You Never Know What God Will Call You to Do.

“Lord, whatever you would ask me to do, no matter what it is, I will do it to the absolute of my ability.  I only need to know it’s really you.  Please speak, Lord.”

On one hand, it’s a radical prayer.  It actually seems to scare most people who I talk to about it.  There are a couple of tricks to it.  First, you keep on doing what you already know, making the best decisions you know how unless and until you believe God is changing your direction.  That goes to what I learned long ago: “God can’t steer a parked car.”  (Okay, it’s God, He can do anything, but WHEN He turns the wheel, if you’re not in motion, nothing happens.)

Second, and here’s the radical part: You have to really mean it.  I’ve prayed that prayer many times and not REALLY meant it.  I was ready to be lead in any number of directions, but sometimes you need a pretty radical revelation to honestly know that you’re really CALLED to do something.

Bruce Lee Made a New Martial Art at the Age of 24.

Could It Be Done Again?  Maybe with God’s Help.

As 1990 began, I prayed a prayer like I mentioned at the start.  I was in law school.  I expected guidance into some area of law.  Imagine my surprise when the call was to create, teach and lead a Christian Martial Art!

I was only 24 and a regional director under a well-known, great martial arts master, and a member of his national board.  I had already appeared in magazines on my own, trained Black Belts internationally, started training my own students in a well-know art… and I had a falling out with the master.

It basically boiled down to competing definitions of honor.  For me to do what he asked me to do, I would have had to do something I thought was irresponsible.  For me to follow my conscience, it would have violated his own sense of honor.  Ultimately, the solution was simple: We parted ways.  That came out of nowhere right after I prayed that prayer.

A year later, I’m doing it.  I’m starting my own martial art.  Bruce Lee had done it when he was just 24 years old.  Could I?  It was pretty ridiculous to think I could do that all on my own.  Maybe with God’s help and a willingness to step outside the box and try some radical things.

I got some extra training in Judo, brought in some Aikido, worked with a collegiate wrestling coach, and I even went so far as to fight Royler Gracie.  He is one of the actual Gracie Brothers, the seven time Brazil national champion, and it should be no surprise that he beat me soundly – twice!  I learned a little Gracie Jiujitsu (now known as Brazilian Jiujitsu) years before there was a UFC.

I was putting things together.  I was doing okay, but if I didn’t get some real help, I couldn’t tell you how good this new Christian Martial Art could possibly be.  I’m just one man, not yet a master, and there was only so far I could go on my own.

There’s a very old saying:

“When the Student is Ready, the Master will Appear.”

How About TWELVE Masters Appear?

Maybe that’s a God Thing.

I think God had a plan.  First, I was walking out the call.  I just jumped in and got started, and I did what I knew to do.  It was just a matter of time before I had exhausted what I could do on my own.  That’s when it happened.

There’s a saying, a very old saying: “When the student is ready, the master will appear.”

What does it mean when TWELVE Masters appear?  Maybe that’s a God thing.  Soke (so-kay) Clement Riedner of Shiho Karano Kenpo found me and came out to San Diego to see me and offer some training.  Then Soke K.W. Marx contacted me and offered me more training (he was in Vista at the time).  They sent Soke Rick Boyer out to take a look at me and offer some guidance when he was in San Diego on other business. 

These three masters also helped me build Guardian Kempo, the parent art to Guardian Karate, Guardian Jujutsu, and Guardian Kobujutsu.  Soke Riedner and Soke Marx even sat down with me on several occasions to help me structure things.  Soke Marx had me come to his studio for additional training for five hours and a dinner meeting every week for over a year.  He worked with me on some of my techniques based upon his real-world experience as a bouncer.

Other masters appeared in my life: Chau, Jay, Tejero, Yamaue, Kuoha, some for only a short time, some for more time.  I got to train with Master Generalao and some of the masters affiliated with him.  I got to learn more Brazilian Jiujitsu.  I was exposed to more teaching with Master Hayes, Master Demura, Master Lewis and Master Abbot.  I picked up key concepts, principles, ideas, and got concrete help, depending on the master.

The amazing thing was how little I did to seek out these masters.  They came to me, I was taken to them, or we just crossed paths.  What are the odds?

The Ultimate Test: Does It Do What We Say It Does?

All 29 Times The Guardian Arts Have Been Tested

That Answer Has Been “Yes.”

There are all sorts of martial arts for all sorts of needs: competition, performance, health, fitness, and, of course, self-defense.  They come in hard-styles, soft-styles, purely physical arts, sport arts, and what we call Whole Life Arts.  The Guardian Martial Arts is a Whole Life System built for real-world criminal violence.  The principles and philosophy that helped day to day life was easy to see.  But actually defending against a criminal would be the ultimately test.

A prayer we’ve prayed many times is for peace.  That’s the goal of martial arts: To live a normal, wise, and courageous life in peace.  We also pray that IF anything is going to happen, the violent criminal target someone who can beat him.  That prayer got answered 29 times in a row.

The first one was Myrna.  She was just a Yellow Belt (under a year of training) when she got attacked.  It was night.  She took the trolley to work and was walking home in her neighborhood.  A man attacked her, tore her blouse half-off her body… and she dropped him with two fast kicks.  She was only 5’2” and an asthmatic.  That fight was over less than three seconds.

The second was Debora.  She had more medical problems that Myrna.  Two men attacked her and her security guard sister.  Our best guess is they wanted to rob the place and were planning to beat up Debora to make her sister let them in the building.  Eight seconds after he wrapped his hands around Debora’s throat, the first man was on the ground bleeding and busted up, and the second man was running for his life!  The police hauled him off.

The two most unlikely students at the time: short, medically limited, out of shape, and women.  They beat the bad guy.  That was a pretty solid proof of concept!

Over the years, students have defended against the schoolyard bully, the really dangerous, violent criminal and even two people at once.  From elementary school children up to a 60 year old, from those in great shape to those with severe medical limitations, the Guardian Arts have worked again and again. 

As of 2012, we’re at 29 times.  All wins.  Zero losses.  We never start the fight, but we end it.  God willing, the criminal learns (there’s a couple of real-life stories about that if you want to know…)

When SO Many Improbable Things All Happen Together?

Yeah… It’s a God Thing

Consider the prayer.  “Lord, whatever you would ask me to do, no matter what it is, I will do it to the absolute of my ability.  I only need to know it’s really you.  Please speak, Lord.” 

If God really does call you to something, if you really walk that out, maybe, just maybe, you’ll find yourself on path you might never have expected.  Maybe you’ll end up with a lot of improbable things all coming together to fuel you walking out your Call.  When SO many improbable things happen, maybe it’s chance… or maybe it’s a God thing. 

Maybe you’ll find yourself here with us as part of walking that out. 

Maybe you’re ready (whether you know it or not). 

Maybe that’s why this master has appeared.

Pray about it.  We’ll see you at the Guardian Academy soon.


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