Pastor Lead, Character Cultivating,

Discipline Developing,

Powerful, Exciting, Engaging,

Parent Boosting, Faith Supporting Martial Arts Program Ph.D. Designed and Master Made

for Kids

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Pastor Lead

The head master at the Guardian Academy is a non-denominational pastor.  The next highest ranking master has been taking mission trips to Peru for a decade.  

Missionaries, church administrators, worship leaders, and Sunday School teachers dominate the instructor team.

Character Cultivating

Honor, Truth, Obedience, Responsibility, Helpfulness, Hard Work, Wisdom,

Never Give Up.  

These eight basic principles of characters are reviewed in nearly every class.  

There are adults who trained ten years ago who still remember these eight principles, and they can still remember what they mean!  

No other system has this way of training, and no other method of values reinforcement has this kind of impact!

Discipline Developing

Discipline is developed through protocols, respect, obedience to commands.  Our unique system of blending commands with questions and our mat-chats to help children learn to be better kids and prepare to be awesome adults!

By being Powerful, Exciting, Engaging and Parent Boosting, we help children be more self-disciplined at home.  We provide insight and understanding to children beyond a level most would suspect children can learn.  We’ve been doing this a long time.  Parents are often surprised at what kids absorb!

Powerful, Exciting, Engaging

“The power to control yourself!” you’ll hear the kids shouting.  The kids are lead to that kind of power with an exciting, engaging class with energetic instructors and fun drills.

Parent Boosting

We boost Parent Power!  

First, you can always use us as leverage with your children.  Just let them know that they will have to “tell Sensei” what they did.  That shapes man kids right up!   

Second, you can take Stars away at home.  There are two a week, plus one per class.  You control those two!

Third, we’re always happy to talk to your children for you or with you about basic character issues.  We can even fold it into our mat chat.

And, of course, the very nature of our program gives parents a lot to work with!  The “No Whining” Script is a favorite, and the most used tool from the Guardian Academy!

Faith Supporting

We believe it is very important to support the parents in matters of faith, so we keep our faith-supporting lessons very generic.  Any Christian family whose faith is drawn from Scripture will find our lessons support your child’s faith no matter what Christian Church you may attend.  

On the off chance some difference arises, our policy is not only to defer to parents, but to instruct children to listen to their parents over the instructors!

Martial Arts Program Ph.D. Designed and Master Made for Kids

A lot of places take a regular martial arts program and just teach it to kids.  The Guardian Academy kid programs are designed by a Ph.D. and made by a martial arts master specifically to train children.  

Now with over two decades training children, many of the kids are adults, some off to college, and one even came back with her own child!  One now-mother who brought her own daughter when they lived nearby still remembered her classes from two decades ago.  That was why she was so excited about brining her own little girl to the classes!

Children are not the same as adults, physically and mentally, so they need a program designed for them!

Xian Guardian

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Guardian Academy

Christian Martial Arts: Karate, Jujutsu, Kobujutsu

2782-E Sweetwater Springs Blvd.

Spring Valley, CA 91977

  1. (619)582-8770

2 minutes from Highway 94

At Austin Drive and Sweetwater Springs Blvd.

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    You Get a Whole Life,

Faith Supporting Art

bringing you Ancient Insights & Biblical Lessons stacked with Modern Realizations.

    Master Made to Work for Anyone, Ph.D. Designed for Functional Life Long Training,

Lead by a Pastor Called to be a Master Martial Artist, And PROVEN Effective 28 Times By All Body Types. 

    Come train with a great group of people!

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Whole Life Art

Yes, we all train in martial arts so we’re safer.  But a lot of people don’t realize that 2 out of 3 of us will go our whole lives and never once need to really fight.  That means there should be plenty of extra benefits to training.  That’s why having a style that provides longstanding benefits is such a wise choice.

The Guardian Martial Arts are packed with principles, philosophies and much more, both ancient and modern.  This leads to what people call “A Black Belt in Life.”

Faith Supporting Art

    The Guardian Martial Arts believes the dividing line between a Christian and a nonChristian is faith in Jesus Christ as Savior.  Beyond that clear distinction, we are very ecumenical.  Nearly every class has a lesson connected to it, and a many of those lessons are drawn from Scripture.  We are very supportive of the Universal Christian Church.

Ancient Insights, Modern Realizations

The Bible is a KEY resource for our lessons, along with some literature classics including Sun Tzu, Mushashi Miyamoto.  Modern realizations are drawn from psychology, sociology, and cutting edge, innovative insights.  Some of the most immediately useful material has to do with physiology, body mechanics, and how to control your own mental state.  This is priceless stuff!

Master Made to Work for Anyone

These systems and the parent art, Guardian Kempo, were designed by a master to work for anyone.  You can be fit and healthy or out of shape, suffering from injuries and limits. 

One of the most dangerous women we ever trained had a list of medical limitations a mile long, including bad knee from a car accident.  Another Black Belt had a knee and ankle messed up from a motorcycle accident.  One of our top Black Belts is even completely blind!  There really aren’t a lot of excuses left.

Ph.D. Designed for Functional Life Long Training

    Classic martial arts are practiced by asian karate and kung fu masters into their 60s, 70s, and much older!  That’s because their arts are functional.

    The Guardian Arts were engineered by a Ph.D. to be functional.  They are built so you can learn them when you’re already a senior citizen, and you can keep on doing them all the way into your advanced years.

Lead By a Pastor Called to Be a Martial Arts Master

    One never knows what calling someone will receive.  The founding master of the Guardian Martial Arts styles was actually called to Chistian Martial Arts BEFORE he was called to be a pastor!  Get more of that story on the page: The Call.

PROVEN Effective 28 Times By All Body Types. 

    There are many who said that there was no way it could work.  They said you HAVE to train hard core.  They said you have to do “woofing” and put people under high stress conditions, hit them and have them really hit.  People get hurt that way, sure, but “they” say that’s the only way to really train.

    Along came Master Conway with a different idea.  He didn’t want anyone getting beat up.  He didn’t want students being cussed out, shouted down, and attacked.  They said his way could not work.  But it did.

    It worked again and again.  It worked for 5’2” women and 6’5” men.  It worked for a fifth grader, high schoolers, college students, a 47 year old man and even a 60 year old!  It worked for people in shape, out of shape, and even stuck at 50% from accidents. 

    So it looks like Master Conway was right afer all.  It can work.  We know that because it DID work.  It worked 28 times in a row.

Guardian Academy

2782-E Sweetwater Springs Blvd.

Spring Valley, CA 91977

  1. (619)582-8770

Guardian Academy

2782-E Sweetwater Springs Blvd.

Spring Valley, CA 91977

  1. (619)582-8770

Guardian Academy

2782-E Sweetwater Springs Blvd.

Spring Valley, CA 91977

  1. (619)582-8770

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